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05 Dec

Container and Cargo Tracking Systems, the new norm for transport companies

Container and cargo Tracking Systems are the new norms for companies that transport goods across the region. In order for these companies to keep track of their valuables or products, a number of technologies have been devised to allow the precise tracking of even small containers. These technologies allow companies to transport and receive goods […]

28 Jun

The Benefits of a implementing a Fleet Management System

Fleet Management means managing a company’s vehicle fleet. This includes commercial motor vehicles like trucks, vans and cars with the aim of getting the best of out of it. Fleet Management includes functions like vehicle telematics, vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management, safety management and vehicle tracking. With these functions, fleet management is considered as […]

30 May

Borderless Tracking Limited new vehicle Tagging Request App goes live

The rapid increase of mobile devices has radically changed the way companies work. People across the world plan and live their lives by them, making their working environment equally accessible and efficient. Mobile devices have become an inevitable part of the human society. Today, we live and breath with various advanced mobile applications in our […]

22 May

Borderless Tracking Cargo Tracking solutions helping transporters comply with regulatory obligations

Transporters are facing more challenges now more than ever before – from increased regulation, push towards harmonization, security and privacy concerns; to globalization, mergers and acquisitions. Just as emerging markets now present an increasing percentage in transport industry revenues, the regulatory standards of those markets have become an additional area of concern for regulatory affairs compliance like […]

09 May

Why businesses should invest in Fleet Management Systems

Transportation and logistics could be the next billion-dollar business opportunity for companies. In fact, according to the World Bank, Boeing, and Golden Valley Co. the worldwide shipping market, which includes ocean, air, and truck freight sits at $2.1 trillion. As a result, most companies, across the world, including in Africa are trying to get into […]

19 Apr

Gallery: Borderless Tracking Staff

At Borderless Tracking, our staff realizes our vision and our passion for quality care every day in countless ways. We are as committed to them, as they are to clients we serve from across the region. We are proud of the dedication and commitment of our staff and it shows in the length of tenure that […]

28 Feb

Electronic Cargo Tracking System a Cost-Effective Tool in Transit Trade

Trailer and cargo tracking provides multiple benefits for the logistics industry in the global and East Africa region.  In Kenya, the sector accounts for about 8-9% of the country’s GDP and is likely to remain a major driver in the growth of the economy. This sector has also been boosted by the improved infrastructure which […]