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Why businesses should invest in Fleet Management Systems

09 May

Why businesses should invest in Fleet Management Systems

Transportation and logistics could be the next billion-dollar business opportunity for companies. In fact, according to the World Bank, Boeing, and Golden Valley Co. the worldwide shipping market, which includes ocean, air, and truck freight sits at $2.1 trillion. As a result, most companies, across the world, including in Africa are trying to get into the logistics and Fleet Management Systems business.

It has been proven that Fleet Management Systems helps companies get the most of their vehicles and their staff. Having a good Fleet Management System in place can help you monitor individual driving habits and also critical information about the vehicle status.

In Kenya, transport companies and other business are also turning into Fleet Management Systems to cut on operational costs and better manage their vehicle fleets. These investments in fleet management are transforming commercial vehicle operations and leveraging analytics to generate major gains in efficiency.

Managing a fleet is a challenge, to say the least, but the incorporation of these systems can make the entire process simple and very efficient. The tracking combines the use of automatic vehicle location in vehicles with a software that collects these fleets data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

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These Fleet Management Systems are also making it easy for goods to be tracked through the global chain, and this is having a massive impact in the sector.  The potential value created by these asset tracking systems is enormous and companies can obtain a broad array of benefits from them.

Borderless Tracking provides vehicle tracking, Fleet Management Systems as well as electronic cargo tracking services to clients across East Africa. The company is also one of the six Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) licensed vendors and its solutions are in use different territories including Kenya Customs (KRA), Tanzania (TRA), Libya, Thailand, Central America, Singapore Defense Forces, amongst others. The company monitors over 3000 containers per month for 3 private companies as well as tankers for private companies also within our monitoring environment.

Borderless Tracking provides fleet operators with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage and other insights into their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues.

All these benefits are derived from the insights that companies can gain from the tracking solutions that companies like Borderless Tracking provide. Data collected via these systems is helping fleet owners make informed decisions about their businesses.  

While there is a cost associated with fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking, over the long term it saves money far more than it costs.

To start enjoying the benefits of Fleet Management Systems, call us on now on +254 789 628 325 or email info@borderlesstracking.com.

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  1. A proper management system for your fleet can really come in handy for making sure that your trucks are in the best shape possible. Not only can you use it to keep track of shipments as the article points out, but you can use it to keep track of all maintenance that your trucks need. That way, when you do deliver them to the shop, the mechanics can have a full list of everything that needs repair.


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