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Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS)

We offer solutions in Professional fleet management for integrated trip log, driver behavior and vehicle monitoring with active vehicle recovery features.

Overview of ECTS Electronic Cargo Tracking System

ECTS is a technology solution that enables real-time tracking of cargo from point of loading to point of discharge or offloading.The system was introduced to help customs bodies and private transporters worldwide monitor movement of goods remotely and prevent the following:

⦿Theft of goods in transit

⦿Dumping of goods in transit through a given territory

ECTS is a superior system to vehicle tracking system since the latter uses GPS and GPRS Technologies while ECTS uses GPS (Global Positioning System; provides co-ordinates to give cargo location on the map),GPRS(General Packet Radio Service; GSM data system for sending data to the server) & RFiD(Radio Frequency iDentity; provides the security of cargo)

Objectives of ECTS

⦿Provide Cargo visibility –  By providing real-time location and status of the cargo

⦿Expedited clearance at loading and off-loading points – Use the technology to enable quick inspection and clearance of cargo

⦿Provide ready data for decision making: Movement and locations of trucks are readily accessible and customisable reports

The Borderless Tracking Solution

Our ECTS solution devices use three technologies : GPS, GPRS & RFiD

We use only two (2) hardware devices and two (2) software platforms

⦿The IVM device

⦿The iSensor device

⦿The ISPOT ECTS application for cargo tracking – key for Vivo Energy

⦿The ISPOT GPS Tracking application for fleet management solution (FMS) – important for transporters

  • Implementation in Trucks1 IVM permanently fixed + 1 iSensor per container For Box truck: 1 IVM fixed + 1 iSensor per opening An iScout fixed on a container will also do
  • Implementation in CarsSelf driven cars and car carriers: One (1) iScout per car
  • Implementation in TankersOne (1) IVM (permanent) + one(1) iSensor(on each opening)

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ISPOT ECTS Application Features

⦿Device (Security) alerts

Seal arm, Origin depart, Tamper, Low battery, disarm (or authorized opening), journey end

⦿ Corridor alerts,

Deviation, Check point arrival and depart, Destination arrival

Can be viewed on the platform, sent by email or SMS (bulk sms)

⦿Movement and Security

⦿Audit Trails

⦿Journey playback

⦿Through the web or mobile devices

⦿View individual or group of vehicles

⦿Show last position on map for all vehicles in one view

⦿Selectable monitoring period and time zone

⦿Enquire location and other values via SMS

⦿Alerts can be sent via SMS

⦿Configuration via SMS

⦿OTA firmware upgrade via GPRS

⦿Detailed reports, Summary and Performance Reports

Management Info

⦿Replay of trip for selected period

⦿Maintenance reminders

⦿Accept or provide data to/from 3rd party solutions

⦿Accepts data from 3rd party devices