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Fleet Management Systems

Borderless Tracking also provides a range of Fleet Management services that empower customers to achieve extraordinary results. With fleet solutions from Borderless Tracking, you get fleet services that fit your specific management needs.

  • Implementation in Trucks1 IVM permanently fixed + 1 iSensor per container For Box truck: 1 IVM fixed + 1 iSensor per opening An iScout fixed on a container will also do
  • Implementation in CarsSelf driven cars and car carriers: One (1) iScout per car
  • Implementation in TankersOne (1) IVM (permanent) + one(1) iSensor(on each opening)

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ISPOT ECTS Application Features

⦿Device (Security) alerts

Seal arm, Origin depart, Tamper, Low battery, disarm (or authorized opening), journey end

⦿ Corridor alerts,

Deviation, Check point arrival and depart, Destination arrival

Can be viewed on the platform, sent by email or SMS (bulk sms)

⦿Movement and Security

⦿Audit Trails

⦿Journey playback

⦿Through the web or mobile devices

⦿View individual or group of vehicles

⦿Show last position on map for all vehicles in one view

⦿Selectable monitoring period and time zone

⦿Enquire location and other values via SMS

⦿Alerts can be sent via SMS

⦿Configuration via SMS

⦿OTA firmware upgrade via GPRS

⦿Detailed reports, Summary and Performance Reports

Management Info

⦿Replay of trip for selected period

⦿Maintenance reminders

⦿Accept or provide data to/from 3rd party solutions

⦿Accepts data from 3rd party devices