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Trackimo is our most affordable and comprehensive tracking device in the market

18 Aug

Trackimo is our most affordable and comprehensive tracking device in the market

Running a transportation company is not an easy task; especially when you are responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles. The same applies for people who own personal vehicles, managing them is not a child’s play. Without knowing the accurate location of each and every vehicle in your fleet, you will have to rely on a lot of guess work.

For Fleet Managers or vehicle owners, it can be very confusing knowing where to start when it comes to buying or leasing a tracking system. Not only is there an abundance of suppliers, you also have to wade through a lot of different technology options too, including costing.

The truth is, these days, the market is so saturated with vehicle tracking products and choosing the right one for your business would require a thorough research and much consideration. This article on how to choose a Fleet Management System that best suits your needs might be helpful.

Some people argue that implementing a vehicle tracking or fleet management system is too expensive. These systems can, however, vary widely in price from one product to another depending on the features and applications. For businesses using vehicle tracking systems, it is important to find the right tracker- one that is both reliable and affordable – to ensure you can maximize the benefits afforded by fleet tracking.

One of this affordable and comprehensive tracking device in the market right now is Trackimo, our new tracking device that is now up for sale. Trackimo is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device that allows you to monitor either a single car, an entire fleet of vehicles or even your loved ones and automatically sends alerts during distress signals. Trackimo gives you an up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts of your vehicle or loved ones based on the parameters you set in advance.

With Trackimo, you can locate your vehicle/loved one from anywhere in the world. Trackimo’s GPS and GSM provides real-time tracking via Web, iOS, and/or Android app. This helps users gain complete insight into the security of your precious assets.

Trackimo has been specially designed to provide users with a wide range of formidable alternatives for keeping track of their assets. The device is actually one of the smartest and, solidly built, and cost-effective tracking device in the market. It is also one of the GPS trackers with long battery life.

Key features of Trackimo include Multiple Device Tracking. With this, you can add, view and edit points of interest in one screen. Trackimo devices can also be tracked via web or smartphone app where GSM cellular reception exists. The device also has the lowest annual service cost.

Well, there has been a better time to invest in a vehicle or personal tracking system like Trackimo as they can provide real, profit boosting benefits for almost any fleet business or individual vehicle owners.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from implementing our Trackimo tracking system request pricing today by sending calling us on +254 780 220 275 or +254 732 222 787. 


  1. I like your idea on trackimo tracking device,how much does it cost per vehicle and which companies in Kenya have benefited from you and finally what guarantee of success do I have if we use it without fail.Thanks.

    1. Hi Mwangi, kindly call us on 0732 222 787 and someone from our technical department will be able to assist with all the queries.


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